Bison Ridge Special Reserve Canadian Whisky

Bison Ridge Special Reserve Canadian Whisky

40.0% abv

During Prohibition, a very limited stock of the finest aged whiskies was smuggled across the border to meet the demands of the whisky connoisseurs in America. We are now introducing our select blend from the 1930s to consumers around the world who appreciate incredibly smooth whisky. Taste Bison Ridge and see why the wealthy citizens paid the bootleggers so handsomely to get their whisky!

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McNamron said:
“I'm no whisky connoisseur, but Bison Ridge seems plenty drinkable to me, and mixes well, if you prefer it that way, too. The price is right in my price range. The bottle looks nice sitting on your bar, with its nice heavy base and clean, bold label.”

Oct 26, 2011