Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions are more popular than others!

Following are some of the questions we find ourselves answering most often. If your question isn't answered here, please contact us.

How much does it cost to use the site?

Nothing. Registration and use of the site are free to everyone.

The only exception is for Store Accounts, which are restricted to owners or managers of liquor stores. Those people interested in obtaining a Store Account, which allows them greater flexibility in posting sales and store information, should contact us for specific pricing details.

Why isn't my favorite store listed?

We don't have a complete listing of all of the liquor stores in the United States. Besides, any "complete" list would soon be out-of-date due to new stores opening and existing stores closing. You are the best source of accurate store information in your area. If you can't find a store in your area listed here, feel free to register or log-in and add it yourself. You'll earn points for doing so, and help other shoppers in your area!

A store wouldn't honor a sale price you displayed on this site. Why?

Stores listed on our site are under no obligation to honor any of the prices we display here. The accuracy of the prices and sale dates displayed here depend completely on the accuracy of the person who submits them. Additionally, stores may, from time to time, end sales early or change prices mid-sale, which would cause our listings to be inaccurate. The most helpful way to ensure that this doesn't happen is to flag listings on our site as "inaccurate" or "expired" if you discover such a listing.

I contributed a store/item/etc. but I don't see it on the site anywhere, and I didn't seem to earn any points for it.

To improve site performance, updates such as these are not immediately visible. Be patient, and they will appear momentarily, usually within 15 minutes.

Hey! There aren't any listings for countries other than the United States!

As the site grows in popularity, we will consider making changes to accomodate non-US countries. For now, though, it is very US-centric. No offense.